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Arduboat Auto mode problems

Hello everyone,

I am working in a university in Norway and working on building an autonomous geophysical research vessel. We have build it and it is about 14 feet in length with a double engine as a propulsion system. The autopilot system we are using is a Pixhawk 2.1 cube black with Herelink and a Roboclaw 2*60 A motor controller.
The first test was to test the manuel driving system with a Here+ controller. This worked perfectly. However, on testing the autopilot system, it seemed that only one engine was running towards the waypoint. I have now tested the autopilot system to see how the PWM on both engines changes as I move the Pixhawk randomly towards a waypoint. This seems to work somehow, and the PWM changes on both engines, but it is really slow.
My questions to the experts here in this forum is:

  1. Are there any parameters that I could change to fix this?
  2. Does it have something to do with the compass calibration or the GPS signal?

Hope someone out there could help me.

I would love to see a log of this in Auto.

Hello David,

sorry for the late reply. The log, is that stored within the mission planner or qground control? If you can tell me how I can produce it then I can do it. Although it will only be a test without the boat.

It should be on the carrier board for the cube.

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