ArduBoat (ArduRover) Skips WP passing nearby but without entering

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I would like to share with you some troubles I’m having using the ArduBoat in Auto Mode. The thing is that I need to move my boat from one waypoint to another, but I need it to stay in each waypoint for a while, so I’m using the delay function adding a value in the first parameter (i.e.: 10 = 10 seconds). The problem I’m having is that, for some reason, my boat skips some WP by passing close to the WP circle but without entering there, going directly to the next WP without the programmed delay. The delay only occurs when the boat actually enters the circle of the WP. I know I can enlarge the WP circle to make it work, but I’m trying to understand why these skips occurs and what params I’m supposed to change in order to avoid these inconvenience.
So, to make it clear, the boat executes the mission of going from one WP to the others as the path was loaded. As my WP circle isn’t big enough, some times the boat passes near by the WP circle and, without entering it, skips to the next WP. If the boat enters the WP circle it executes the programmed delay. If the boat doesn’t enter the WP circle it skips to the next WP without stopping.

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Esteban Caligaris

Please provide tlogs and dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

I have seen that before… I think that is the way it does it now… It will not circle around to get right on a WP.


Hi there,

Thank you for replying.
Here are the logs from the last mission I have had.


Esteban Caligaris

2016-10-26 13-55-01.tlog (1.0 MB)
2016-10-26 14-00-26 (1.9 MB)

If you try the new release and use NAV_LOITER_TIME the boat will actively try to stay at that waypoint.

Thanks, Grant.

I’ll try this feature!
Thanks for everything Grant!

Esteban Caligaris