ArdoRover v4.4, Onmi3, no output in manual mode

Cube Orange+, M8N dronecan GPS, Herelink TX/RX. Mission Planner. OMNI3 ArduRover v4.4beta.

I am bench testing the above system, intended to go into a boat, with bow thrust, 2 stern motors, and rudders.

The Mandatory hardware setup was followed, along with the Ardupilot 1st time guide. The only variation is that 4 9g servos are connected in place of ESC/motors, as the 1000-2000microS PWM signal is the same for both, and the FC shouldn’t know what is on the end? The ESC’s are bench calibrated to 1102, 1500, 1927us, full reverse, stopped, full forward, respectively.

The servos/motors do move in response to the motor test, so the connections work.

Servo1_Function = 34 (motor2, rudder), 2_ = 35 (motor1, port motor) 3_ = 33 (motor3, stbd motor), and 4_ = 32 (motor2, bow thrust.)

If after GPS lock, I press the safety switch, and enable the system I get the system ready, in manual mode. The only message is “Unhealthy AHRS.” (I have redone the Accelerometer and compass setting, and not had any error messages, other than completed.)

But in the mandatory hardware Servo page, none of the output bars show any green. Even when armed and in manual mode. The TX stick signals can be seen on the MP, but are not getting to the Servo outputs. (If I change the Servo3_Function = RC1IN, then that servo/motor moves in response to the TX stick.) I can’t get the FC to output signals on each of the 4 channels.

What have I been doing wrong? See also the parameter listing.

orange9122023.param (15.8 KB)