Aquacopter setup problems

I’m having a few issues with a new Aquacopter. I’m trying to get it working well with landing gear and a GoPro on a gimbal that adds a bit of weight. I moved up to two externally mounted 4S batteries with 10" props which seems to work well. But the copter glitches in flight and I’m wondering if I have an issue with either the ESCs or the APM. The vibration level isn’t the best I’ve achieved with other copters but doesn’t appear bad enough for the issues I’m seeing. As well as the motor glitching I also can’t get Alt Hold to work at all which I know is usually a vibration issue.

Log files attached and the glitching can be heard clear on the following video:

Any advise/help would be appreciated.

X and Z vibrations look a little high to me.

It’s a challenge to mount the APM as it’s hanging upside down on the hatch cover. Right now I have it attached just with some 3M double sided foam tape. There isn’t much room but I’ll try it with some anti vibration foam instead and see if that helps. Stay tuned…

I’ve taken the APM out of the inside of the Aquacopter and mounted it on top in a little tupperware container with anti-vibration foam in the bottom. The vibration level reduced significantly and the copter is flying very well now.

Thanks for your help Rick. I appreciate you taking out the time to check my logs.