[APPROVED] Standard Small Copter Build and Tune project - 7" Long Range

I put a Matek M8Q-5883 on a mast on my 4" Flywoo Explorer. It runs great with iNav, but I really want to go full ArduCopter. I’ll pull that trigger once I finish building Ardupilot on my Timber float plane! :wink:

Interestingly, I thought the larger quads were harder to tune? Your post seems to state the opposite.

I can donate a 3D printed frame STL. Making it open source.

The smaller ones normally just needs the pid gaines backed off a few notches to fly then some fine tuning.

Hey Brandon - it’s a kind offer. My opinion on this is that the stiffness of the frame makes for a far better tune, so it really needs to be CF.

I think that whilst it appeals to a different group of users than racers or freestyle quads, a 3D printed reference frame would be welcomed by the community, particularly if it makes it easier to mount things like gps, lidar, cameras etc.

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James,Brandon and Andy,I think it would be good one done with Brandon’s frame as Andy can have a nice range of setup’s to accomodate our different flying ambitions,as now I will be building an other Ardu Long range 7 inch and was going to chat up that lovely Brandon for one of his new frames

Flex is overcome by design and does not have much to do with plastic. I use a three layer wall with a custom infill very close to the honeycomb substrate we use in planes. Curves tend to be stronger why the uni bodys are up and coming trend. I like to show this 7" PRP with the Location one. Dropbox - Loc1.mp4 - Simplify your life
I also have a smaller version of this frame that could be fun I be happy to add Dropbox - bluewave.mp4 - Simplify your life

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small quadcopters are much more difficult due to the small frames which transmit a lot of vibrations. even mini-solders are more difficult. also the FC 20 * 20mm which support arducopter are few

I agree I make a few they need a little love however that size can be tuned in about 5 mins using the tuning slider.

A low vibration frame helps i am sure. I think it boils down to this the 5" to 7" props suffer from roll vibration and that would be normal pre tune performance I would hope for. No secret just reduce the gains manually inreal time BTW, then if you like you can run what ever filter that floats your boat for weeks on end after you fly it.


Nice! :smile:

with the 5 “I had no difficulty following the wiki. the difficulties start with 3” and even more, with 2 “. If you need to build quads under 250 grams, the 3” are the preferred choice. Nice quad your 3d frame :slight_smile:

OP has the raw YouTube feed as I make progress

I think anyone that is working as a builder or instructor should own a 3D printer in this day and age they are overall fun to use and simple to assemble.

This is fantastic. I don’t even have much interest in small copters like this, but the video and lessons learned will transfer easily to other builds!

Part II is up - all the way to first autotune


Part III is up - acro tuning. Weather is bad here now so not much flying, will try and get the blog out soon.


I have a 5" Badger DJI Ed. with a Matek CAN GPS and H743-SLIM fc ready to support the project. Currently, I can’t get it stable. Hopefully this process will help.


Can we follow these tuning and calibration guides for quadplanes’ tuning?