[APPROVED] Speedybee F405 V3 Flight Controller for Porting

Yeah I installed the firmware for v4. When I check the ardupilot page for f405 v4 it is showing that motor 1 and 2 grouped together where as 3 and 4 are in group 2. Does it have anything to do with that

You should only need to set MOT_PWM_TYPE

Thanks now it works. It was the firmware. I flashed the speedybeef4v4 firmware as there was no specific firmware for speedybeef405v4. Then I tried the firmware of Speedybee f405 mini and now it works. But the drone is very unstable and yawing

Also getting a prearm internal error 0x4000

So you have the mini? I would like to get to the bottom of this if possible. I have the v4 and the firmware works fine for me.

did anyone get the servo output on this board working? I have tried what seems to be everything and nothing from S9.

Never mind, S9 was a waste of time. M5 works.