[APPROVED] Partners Support Expenses


Since the past year, I have received sensors from various Partners. Although they were sent to me for free but India imposes heavy duty on imports (Sometimes exceeding 100%). I have not bothered requesting smaller charges, but I would like to get reimbursed for some of the larger ones.
(Please request for invoice access by clicking the link since it has my home address)
Invoices for the purchases below

  1. Lightware Rangefinder: Rs 5076 (USD 62)
  2. Lightware Rangefinder: Rs 4296 (USD 52)

I have also recently purchased RealFlight to help partners and learn about Quadplanes. It would be great to be reimbursed for that:

  1. RealFlight: Rs 7116 (USD 86)

Total amount $$ (USD): 200


Approved by @Funding_Team

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