[APPROVED] Hardware for GSoC'23 Multicopter Swarming Project

Topic: Hardware for GSoC’23 Multicopter Swarming Project

This is a proposal for the hardware required to test things which I will be doing during my gsoc project. Here is a link to the blog post where I have discussed my plans.

Proposal type: Hardware [x]

  1. Battery (e.g. this 5200mAh battery ) $65
  2. Transmitter/Receiver (eg. this one) $300

Description: The following items are needed to be purchased to test the

Planned amount $$ (USD): $365

Estimated time for completion: 6 Months

The following items will also be needed and are agreed to be covered by CubePilot.

  1. CubePilot EDU450 copter frame
  2. CubeOrange FC
  3. Here 3 GPS

I would like to thank CubePilot for always being so helpful and supportive.


There is a correction. The link to the website selling the battery is incorrect. The correct one is this.

approved by @Funding_Team

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Just received the hardware from CubePilot. Thanks so much @proficnc and CubePilot. I really appreciate it.