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[APPROVED] Funding for Mesh Radio experiments

Topic: Telemetry enhancements using LORA MESH from Dronee

Proposal type: Hardware [ x ] , Software [ ] , Other [ ] : _________________

Description: Developpers Kit using 5 ZOON (3 x V1 & 2 x V3) from Dronee

Planned amount $$ (USD): 500$

Estimated time for completion: 90 Days

I am working on a series of experiments (and associated Blogs) with Telemetry Radios that will help building and flying basic SWARM configurations for our community.

The development of these features would be greatly simplified if we can have access to simple and well documented transmissions links setups that support multiple channels or other means of multicasting the Mavlink messages.


Very interested to hear if you make progress on this. I am about to embark on a multi aircraft swarm and want to use a mesh network.

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Very interesting! I’ve got a long-term plan (2021) to start looking at meshing as well. I was originally looking at 802.11s / BATMAN via a companion computer of each drone, but the Zoon radios you linked look much easier to setup and use.

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Yep, BATMAN is part of the experiments as well, actually it is working quite nicely, but it is lacking tools and efficient methods to constrain traffic over wireless …I guess this is why we invented layer 3 :slight_smile:

sounds like a good project to fund!

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This has been approved by the Funding Committee.


Thanks to you James and to the Committee for this opportunity.

no worries - we’re excited to see the swarming development!

Hi all
I am very much interested in swarm application too.
But would it not make sense to send simple messages instead of mavlink and use a companion computer (cc) to interpret these simple messages.
For example split lat/lon in smaller packets and send them with small lora payload and high error correction and then combine them on the other side again?
If a new lat/lon table is received by the cc that would initiated to load a new mission to the fc and execute it for example?

I am workin on that, you can see the first blog here:

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Hi @ppoirier

Thanks for sharing your swarming experiments, I had a great pleasure reading your blogs :slight_smile:

I am currently looking at the zoon radios for a cargo drone project. Did you manage to set them up and use them for your swarming experiments? What is your experience with these modules? Thanks!

Hello and Thanks for the Blog

I am still working at setting up a functional setup with these radios.
The basic principle is ok but the range and features are not. I am working with Dronee to address theses issues but it is a very long process.

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