[APPROVED] 5” Quad for PR testing

Topic: 5" Quad for PR testing

Proposal type: Hardware [X] , Software [ ] , Other [ ] : _________________


I need a quad for testing new PRs, as I previously did this with my 7 inch quad nicknamed Braveheart but it got broken a while ago.
HDZero goggles are included as well in order to test HDZero support.

Planned amount $$ (USD): 1545

5" Test quad AU$
HDZero Freestyle VTX $183
HDZero MIPI cable 120mm $21
Axis Flying Manta 5inch True X FPV Freestyle Frame Kit V2 $117
3x HQProp Freestyle Propeller 5×4.3x3V2S (set of 4) $18
Matek H743 SLIM V3 $144
5x iFlight XING2 2306 FPV Motor 1755 kv $170
Foxeer Lollipop V4 antenna (set of 2) $30
FRSky R-XSR receiver $48
2x China Hobby Line BLACK Series 1300mAh 6S 100C LiPos $84
HDZero Micro Camera V2 $89
Foxeer Reaper 65A BL32 4in1 ESC $135
Holybro SiK Telemetry Radio V3 $92
Holybro Micro M10 GPS $43
HDZero Goggles $1149
Shipping $70

Total cost in AU dollar: $2399
Total cost in US dollar: approx. $1545

Estimated time for completion: Ongoing.

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Approved by @Funding_Team
DM me about ordering everything.

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Will do. Thank you very much. :slight_smile: