APMPlanner 2.0.24 Multiple MavID's seen then disconnect

After updating my to Copter 3.4-rc6 (and previous) on a copter with it’s MavID set to something other than 1 (in this case set to 2) connecting APMPlanner results in multiple system IDs being seen, namely 1 and 7, then shortly after loses connection to ID7.

This results in no parameters being loaded although the HUD is still working.

Erasing the board by loading Rover then Copter again results in no change.

QGroundcontrol reports the same but continues to allow you to change parameters.

I seem to have a work around by running APMPlanner 2.0.20 which connects correctly and stays connected.
Then run 2.0.24 and it connects without the additional ID being seen.

All firmware updates were done with APMPlanner 2.0.24 and all updates performed OK.

I don’t know where the SYS-ID number 7 is coming from. You can remove it from the system by right clicking and deleting it in the Flight Plan view. You also need to select the system with “control this system” option in the Flight Plan view (its the Unmanned System Control) that you want to control in the parameters view.

It was an issue with Copter (and others) that has already been fixed

I have 2 PixRacers that this is happening on.
As well as Compass offset problems that calibration won’t fix.

APMPlanner 2.0.24
Copter 3.4-rc6

Has the fix gone in yet?

I’ve marked this as solved, as the issue is no APM Planner 2.0, but with ArduPilot…

The fix wasn’t in AC-rc6 as far as I can tell.

Thanks Bill,
I will raise this in the 3.4 Copter thread


It’s not a big issue, and you will only see the other erroneous system 7 if you reboot while you have an active link via a radio.