APM2.8 using I2C port for OSD

I have APM2.8 and i wanted to use I2C port for getting telemetry from APM, i solder on board MUX TX2 MUX RX2
For old version of arducopter it was 3.2.1 i was neccessary just to comment this line

and make custom build
At new version i didn’t find such file and such config, because i tried same hardware but new version and osd was not getting data from apm.
Where is right now such setting ,to enable for i2c getting telemetry?

You did not try a newer version of arducopter. 3.2.1 is the last version compatible with the ancient and obsolete APM2.8. Even if you select a newer version and try to upload it, Missionplanner will still upload 3.2.1.

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