apm2.6 lost all user settings(parameters) after repowering


two days ago my apm2.6 lost all user settings(parameters) between two flights.
i use current stable firmware “(hexa)arducopter V3.1.5”.

things i do:

[ul]* i create an survey grid with nearly 180 waypoints(do camera action and waypoints)[/ul]
[ul]* upload the waypoints to apm via 3dr radio (no error message)[/ul]
[ul]* start my copter in stabilise and activate auto to start mission[/ul]
[ul]* the copter do not fly the mission correct. the copter only fly the same path 10 times, then i deside to interrupt the mission and switch back to stabilise and land the copter.[/ul]
[ul]* after landing i create an mission with only one waypoint (loiter unlimited) to take some photos.[/ul]
[ul]* i start my copter in stabilise, after switching to auto and the copter fly to this waypoint and loiter there.[/ul]
[ul]* everything fine.[/ul]
[ul]* i land the copter and change the lipo battery.[/ul]
[ul]* after re powering the copter, my ground station(mission planner) reconnect to apm and give me pre arm warnings. no calibration, no gps and compas and so on. also the voltage and current was not displayed. i switch to settings panel and noticed that all apm parameters are randomly overwritten.[/ul]

what happens?
currently i only know that i upload to much waypoints to my apm. i am wondering why this can overwrite main flight parameters from setup.
is this a known bug or can it be true, that my apm 2.6 have an memory problem?



I know it’s been a while since your post but I am having the same thing happen to me, and little luck searching for a cause or resolution.

Personally, I have yet to take part of the features of auto piloting with waypoints and commands-

2 weeks of successful flying and then all of a sudden I discover that 32 parameters have been changed and I cannot figure out why.

I thought it was receiving interference off the 933 MHz band telemetry module. Disconnected it and still happens.

Disconnected 3DR gps and still happens.

Seems to be linked to the power off/on cycle- that requires reloading from saved values each time I power up, an accelerometer and compass calibration, then a 10 minute flight. Seems a bit obsessive.


I think you will find you are trying to load too many waypoints for the APM, from memory 2.6 is about 130 waypoints due to memory considerations, Pixhawk is 700 and something github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/ … eNotes.txt

one thing I do notice is that when I connect to the apm I see in flight plan page that there are a bunch of waypoints added in (8 of them, including takeoff, fly to a point off of west side of africa then back)

I remove them, write it to the ship- and after the power cycle these too are re-written, or just not being stored.

Any ideas to why the parameters are not storing after power down?

eeprom erased from the terminal. firmware reloaded, sensors calibrated, worked like a charm.

Seemed to wipe that problem right out of the equation.

try that one wolke
hope it helps