APM2.6 installing firmware : Unable to open COM port: ttyACM

Hi guys,

So I’m trying to finish setting up my first 3dr quad, but i can’t seem to be able to install the firmware.
Here is the output :

Started downloading http://firmware.diydrones.com/Copter/stable/apm2-quad/ArduCopter.hex Finished downloading /tmp/qt_temp.EG4295 Opening firmware file... Hex file loaded: 233322 bytes Unable to open COM port: ttyACM0

What i understand from previous posts is that ttyACM0 is my usb port, and i should be able to find it at /dev/ttyACM0. But it is not there.
Also, i’ve read that when plugging the apm to the computer, there should a “bip”, but no sound coming out.

I’m a bit lost and would highly appreciate any help.
I’m using Ubuntu 14.04, trying to set up APM2.6. Any hint ?

What GCS are you using so that we can move your post to the appropriate GCS sub Forum?

Khuufff, sorry for posting in the wrong section…
I’m using APM Planner v2.0.14

try removing the modem manager. It may have grabed the port.

Thanks Bill, that solved it all :slight_smile: