APM2.6 Buzzer issues

Hey everyone,
Im kind of a newbie, but have spend a long line researching my issue. All I am trying to do is get a low voltage buzzer working. I am running Mission planner 1.3.5 (Latest as of today) with the firmware 3.1.5 X Quad software (latest as of today) with a NON 5 volt (no power given) power module. My issue is not with the voltage reader, but with the buzzer configuration itself.

I have found on the ardupilot.com site the (old) instructions for plugging in signal and ground to A5 and setting option in the “Standard Params” to buzzer, but this no longer exists.

In my research, people say that setting LED_MODE in the extended params to 11 and plugging in the piezo buzzer (from radio shack) into A5 that it should beep on arm and disarm.

When I make these settings changes and plug my buzzer in, no sounds are made on arm/disarm.

I assume my buzzer is ok as it is brand new.

Does anyone have any other advice for getting a simple Piezo buzzer to work?

Thank you so much!

LED_MODE needs to be set to 9.

Before playing with the extended params LED_MODE value (and changing it to 11), it was 9 (default), which did not make any sounds when i plugged the buzzer in to A5 and armed/disarmed.

Well, I’ll pick up a radioshack buzzer sometime soon. Specifically what buzzer do you have?

Also, if you plug it into the center pin instead of the signal pin, does it scream at you? If not, you may have the wrong thing. APM2 requires a buzzer that takes a DC voltage, rather than a waveform.

Though mine doesnt say “PC-Board” on the package here is what I got:
radioshack.com/product/index … Id=2062403

Mine just says “Piezo Mini-buzzer”.

I will try the Center pin trick you recommend. The tutorial video on copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/nav-leds/ didnt say any specifics on the type of buzzer other than it has to be “Piezo”.

Thanks for the help!

Ok, I tried the buzzer you have and it works fine on APM2.6. Make sure you’re connecting it the right way around and make sure you’re connecting it to the right pin (count from A0 to A5 and plug it in)

Thanks so much! I changed the value back to 9. I confirmed the buzzer made a sound when plugging it in the middle and outside pin and when i put the pin back it started beeping on Arm/Disarm.

Thanks again for the great support and amazing product. You guys are genius’.