APM2.6 Automatic calibration / spin motors


I’ve previously done an manual ESC calibration and i’ve found, when calibration done and arming the system, the Channel 4 don’t start the motor with the same throttle value than the 3 others motors.
to test this i’ve do manual calibration on the same channel (2), and when i replug the esc on the correct chanel, there’s the same pb on the chanel 4… Strange…
Any ideas?

To try i’ve done an automatic calibration. Once done, when i arm the system all motors spin same time, but even when throttle 0%, and into Mission Planner the parameter “do not spin motors” after rearm is set !!!
Any ideas?


I’ve finally solved the pb

The flag “Don’t spin” after arming return to “Slow” after doing an automatic ESC calibration.

That’s all.