APM wouldnt respond to throttle, just landed softly

I was out flying today and after a few minutes the throttle did not respond and the aircraft lost height and just landed. Really strange, i even tried to give it more throttle so it would stay up but nothing happened.

Could anyone help me out look at the log from the flight in order to try to figure it out? I have attached the log.

Thanks for your help!


Weight: 1210 grams without battery, with battery 1470grams
1 x 550 frame and PDB
6 x iPower iBM2212Q 1000KV
6 x iPeaka SK30A Simon K
6 x 10 x 4,5 props
1 x Arducopter FC (2.8)
1 x GPS with copmass "ublox neo m8"
1 x Lipo 3700 mah 3S 35C Zippy

iPower iBM2212Q, motors Specifications:

KV: 1000
Internal Resistance: 127mΩ
No-Load Current: .5A
Max Current: 13.80A
Continuous Current: 10.8A
Max Watts: 150W
Lipo Cells: 2-3s
Weight: 65g (with hardware)
Dimensions: 28x26mm
Wire length: 75mm
Shaft Diameter: 3.175mm
Recommended Prop: 10x4.5 / 10x4.5R
Recommended ESC: 22A

iPeaka SK30A w/SimonK firmware ESCs:

Input Voltage … 6-18.8 VDC, 2-4 Li-Po cells
Input rate range… 50-400Hz
Output Current … 30 Amps Continous, 40 Amps Burst (10 Sec.)
BEC Output … 5.0 Volts at 3 Amps
Dimensions … 48 x 26 x 11 mm
Weight … 28g

Flying conditions:
No wind
+1 Celcius
Overcast cloudy

Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

Looks like a failsafe landing.

Sorry guys attached is the log of the flight.

In the begging you can see that there is a sudden drop in altitude as if the copter wanted to land but this was not the case. I can read that it says Err. EKF_CHECK-2.

Thanks for the help!

Here is another example, getting all these failsafe errors…EKF_CHECK 2 AND CHECK 0

Maybe this is good info: i have nothing but the telemetry attached to the APM at the moment and the reciever.

Thanks for your help guys!