APM V3.1 Channel in and Channel out

Hello All,

I’ve a problem that I can’t find any solution for it.
After I arm the board and rise the throttle it’s jump to pwm 2028 on the ch1,2,3,4out.

It’s just jump straight away to 2028 on the second click on the throttle stick.
It’s true for channels 1-4.

It’s not my first APM so I did calibrate it right probably.

Thank you



Now it’s kind of linear but still the motors spin too slowly to even move the quad…

You really need to post a log file for us to see what is going on.

Off hand, from your description it looks like wrongly calibrated RC and ESC’s.
But without a log file I can’t say much more.

How to download a log file?


I only have a Tlog files, Somehow it doesn’t save to flash onboard…
can I upload this file for you to review?

Thank you

2017-03-28 13-54-05.tlog (97.5 KB)

Ok I try to clear the eeprom and MP and start all over.
And… the results is the same.
The motors reached it’s full throttle at 2-3 clicks on the throttle stick and it’s very slowly.

I use the Racerstar BLheli 4X20A V2 ESC calibrated with BLhelisuite.

Someone had this problem?

Thank you

I managed to extract the parameters.The only thing I can see is that the throttle trim is @ 1500.It should be the same as the lower limit of the throttle.You have 1115 min - 1500 trim - and 1934 max.That’s just not right as you don’t have a centre sprung throttle.

Without logs we need visuals.So if you can video the screen while doing a radio calibration it would (may ) help.

Also,you have great compass offsets so turn off compass learn.

Thank you for your comment!

I thought maybe the ESC’s are the problem… and I was right.
I connect one motor to other ESC and it’s work perfectly.