APM USB Com port problem

Hi All,

I don’t know if I put this on the right thread. Admin you may move this if necessary.

I’m here to report a problem with my apm 2.6 board. Though I’ve already emailed the help@3drobotics.com, some might encounter this before and they might have possible solution.

I’ve been using this board July last yet and it didn’t give me any headache. But come yesterday I try to connect my board on the PC but unfortunately it’s unrecognized by communication port.

My board has a power, it has a solid blue light, red led light seems blinking, and green light is also on. I think that’s the power led light. As described here https://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/LED.

I carry out the possible solution:

So if happen anyone here encountered the same problem/scenario what will be the possible solution to this? Is it time to send back by board to 3drobotics for inspection?

Thank you and hoping to get your feedback soon.

All the best!


Is the board showing up in the device manager?

It is possible to short the servo rail and often the victim on the board is the USB mux chip.

Hi Craig3DR, thanks for your reply.

No it didn’t show up in device manage. I can’t communicate to the apm board because there’s no connection between them.

As suggested by Antonio Gomez of 3DR tech support that I need to check the voltage regulator as Randy described here youtube.com/watch?v=1q6jjha5rgU. However, mine reads just fine, it didn’t gets over 3.3v anyway.

As I mention I’ve been using this before but I have no problem about it it’s just now. So just in case this is the problem then, will there be a solution for this?