APM stuck in one flight mode

Thanks in advance
APM 2.8, ver 3.2.1 quad, Flysky TH-9X radio flying well before minor crash learning to do flips in acro mode. Repaired quad recalibrated but now have this problem? APM is stuck in flight mode 4 (cannot remember PWM rate) in flight mode screen PWM rate does not change with switch movement?
The receiver setup screen shows that the PWM rate is changing with switch movement as it should, switch movement also shows up in Failsafe screen?
I have tried reset button, loading different firmware, reset to defaults, different receiver, different radio, different wires = same problem?
Any ideas to fix?

Found out why, one of the mixes in my Flysky TH-9X radio had gotten changed somehow?
The crazy part is in mission planner radio calibration flipping switches would move pwm sliders correctly, but in flight modes it was stuck on flight mode 4 and not move?
In case someone else runs into this?