APM stabilization mode pitch problem


I have the stabilization mode, when it rolls from side to side, it will counter correctly. but when it comes to the pitch, if the nose tips downward, the rudder yaws to the right and if the nose tips upward the rudder yaws to the left. any idea why it doesn’t counter with the elevator? this doesn’t help me keep the plane stabilized?
running this in a Bixler…

thanks for the help

Have you verified your APM servo connections per the Arduplane wiki: plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/ardupla … apm-setup/
It sounds like you have the APM rudder output hooked to your elevator servo.

Hello everyone! I have a similar problem
But, in order: Ardupilot 2.5.2. Schematic: flying wing. Rx: Spectrum dх7 (included mixing delta)

Steps connected servos (according to wiki). Arduplaner loaded, and ardupilot.
Artificial horizon work true, however servos work out the horizon is not true.
pitch instead of: two up, two down; but work like in antiphase.
Roll either in opposition or two in antiphase upward.

I suspect that the compass is to blame, but I can not change the pitch axis, on the axis of rotation.
p.s. see also wiki about:http://plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/arduplane-setup/first-time-apm-setup/reversing-servos-and-setting-normalelevon-mode/
But unhelped.
Best regards Maksym