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APM:Rover 3.1.2 is out!

(gmorph) #1

Hi all. Bugfix release v3.1.2 of APM:Rover is out.


  • Crashing detection is off by default
  • DISARMing of a rover via the transmitter stick works again
  • If a user was driving in reverse in Manual and went into an AUTO mode the rover would do the mission in reverse. This is fixed.

All testing and feedback greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Grant.

(Thomas J Coyle III) #2

Hi Grant,
Nice work and greatly appreciated by the ArduRover Forum members.:slight_smile:

(mike kelly) #3

Any chance the code for the ssd_1306 display made it into this release?

(gmorph) #4

No it was only the 3 bug fixes mentioned. I will be putting out a 3.2.0 beta in the next few days and that will have the display change in it.

Thanks, Grant.

(Ace) #5

Awesome release! Thanks for all the hard work.

(Jay Nill) #6

How do i code in this branch by using Arduino Ardupilot sir?

(gmorph) #7

This branch does not support Arduino. You need the master-AVR branch for that.

Thanks, Grant.