APM:Rover 2.44 released

The APM:Rover development team are delighted to announce the 2.44 release of the rover firmware.
The main change in this release is better support for the new Pixhawk autopilot, but there are also a lot of smaller changes that improve the Rover code.
The Pixhawk changes include support for dual sensors with failover, support for auto-update of the IO firmware and lots of small performance improvements.
Other changes include:
Added support for the MAV_CMD_DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG_DIST MAVLink command
Added SKIP_GYRO_CAL option
Added support for MAVLink system time from GPS time
Improved GPS timing for AHRS
Lots of improvements to dataflash logging
Support for MAVLink log download
Support for reverse in STEERING mode
Added support for 2nd telemetry port on Pixhawk

This release is parameter compatible with previous releases, so it should be an easy update for all users.

Tom, Linus and Tridge from APM:Rover team would like to wish all rover users a very happy Christmas and good new year!