APM Quadcopter setup question/Problem v3.1


I just setup my x650F quad with apm 2.6 and having problems with the yaw stick response as well as the apm yaw response too.

What happens is that when I hover it while holding it with my hand and turn the quad left, The copter tends to pitch forward and does the opposite when I turn it to the right.

When I yaw left with my stick, the copter pitches forward and opposite also happens when I give it right input.

pitch and roll response seems to be ok(it fights my hand when I pitch for/rev as well as roll right/left.

I also have the CCW / CW props in the right place and verified with the motor test using the terminal at the Mission planner.

My setup is as follow:


iPeakA HV-40 40A Opto Escs

NTM Prop Drive 28-30S 800KV / 300W Brushless Motor (short shaft version) (USA warehouse)


Gemfan 1045

APM 2.6

4s 3300 turnigy 25c

Please Help… This is my first quad with APM. I have setup a Hex with success on this controller before.

Welcome to the forum and congratulations for an almost exemplary support request!
Question: did you calibrate your ESCs?

Otherwise, if you know how to do that, downloading a logfile from the APM and attaching it to the post would probably help the supporters a bit more with helping you find the issue.

You config Compass Orientation —>Manual: Rotation_Roll_180

Try it. :smiley: