APM Pro GPS port no TX or RX

I’m having an issue with the GPS on my APM Pro. When I connect to the GPS +I2C port. The GPS is solid red with a blue blinking light. But I do not get any GPS in Mission Planner.

However, if I connect to Telemetry port + I2C the GPS functions fine in Mission Planner. The problem is I want to use a data radio for autonomous missions. So I need the telemetry port for my data radio. I will be using the UART port for the Minimosd.

Does anyone have any idea what my problem may be?

Not familiar with the APM Pro but could it be the Tx and Rx are reversed from the Telem port?
Have you checked the makers documents and circuit diagram?

When plugged into the GPS and compass into the I2C, can you calibrate the compass?

A picture always helps.

I thought about that. I will try to reverse the pins when I get home. I will also try to post some pics. Thanks for the reply.

You are the man!!! The pins on the APM Pro GPS port are reversed. So I just pulled them out of the futaba connector and swapped them. Now I have white dots and I can finish my install. Thanks for your help Mike.

This isn’t my APM Pro but here’s a pic of one. The tx and rx are somehow reversed. So as you suggested I swapped the pins on the connector and viola. I now have white dots and can finish the live compass calibration.