APM Power Up Beeps

I am using Arducopter APM2.5 with firmware 3.1.5, multistar 30A ESCs. I have calibrated the ESCs after which can arm the copter and get the motors to spin. However, when I power up the copter, I get two beeps only; low / high pitch. No musical tone sequence. I expected at some point to get beeps which matched my configuration of 4S and the musical tones. As previously stated, I can get the motors to arm and spin, but during power on I’m getting just two beeps (low / high). I would be grateful for some advice please.

Sounds like the receiver is not talking to the board correctly, I assume you have calibrated your radio in MP?

Perhaps do this as well


I am using:
FrSky D8R-II plus receiver.
Turnigy Multistar 30A ESCs with stock firmware.
Turnigy 9XR Pro Transmitter
Ublox LEA-6H GPS
3DR power
APM 2.5.2
4 x NTM 28 series 1000KV motors.
Battery 4S.

There are no apparent issues with the receiver communicating with the APM and it is properly connected.
The transmitter has been calibrated in Mission Planner.

I think I have partially resolved this issue. It seems to be related to the stock firmware in the ESCs. The two beeps at start up mean that the brake is off. I also figured out by RTFM (reading the manual) that when entering “calibration” mode, with these ESCs it is a menu system; whereby you can change whether the brake is on or off, the battery type and timing. Using this I have set this to Brake off, Battery LiXX and Timing Auto.

I was considering flashing these MultiStar 30A ESCs with the SimonK firmware. However, I read about a number of cases of issues with recent purchases of this ESC after changing to SimonK firmware. Apparently the ESC gets very hot, very quickly; to the point that it raises concern of failure.

If someone can advise me please on my findings then I would be grateful.

Thanks and regards.

I think you have answered that one for yourself! If it makes them hot don’t do it. Folks seem to chase almost mythical performance gain. Often the best performance can be had by reducing the weight of everything.

Thanks Gary, Since I haven’t flown the quad as yet, if it’s OK with you, I’ll update this post with the outcome on testing. Anyway, I hope my experience manages to help someone out in the future.

Kind regards.

Uber-fail. 10 second flight before crash. But at least it flew… albeit momentarily.