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APM power problem


i am a beginner and want to make my own quad copter . and there i need your help i need to know that i have 2s lipo batttrey with 4 simonk 30A ESC BEC and flysky transmitter/reciever APM 2.8 with power module . now i connect my apm through power module and i connect one of my ESC BEC to [power output rail and other all three ESC BEC was connected through signal wire only. and i connect all (red,black,white) wire to the reciever chanel 1 and for other channels i only connected the signal wire so let me know is it correct way to power my APM

Remove jumper JP 1

Dear i removed the jumper but no led was showing either red or blue … than i try to power apm using esc with jp1 connected and i succeed but after installing firware and calibration … i successfully calibrated the esc’s together. but as i dis connect and re connect ht e battrey i wss unable to arm my motors… there was red led blinking after 3 sec red and blue blinking start quickly and than again red led start blinking … why my red led not going to be solid. for arming the motor i nmove throttle down and than bottom right for 5 sec but still i am unable to arm motors please help me

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