APM Power Module output not connect anything

Hi, I know that to power flight controller we could use Power Module… Power Module have 1 input from battery and 1 output to ESC… But because of the condition in my plane, my power module is in back, esc in middle, and battery in front… I want to configure the power module input parallel by ESC and battery, and the output not connect to anything?

What is disadvantage of this configuration?

You might as well not have the power module. That little circuit board has a current sensor/shunt (the resistor in the red + line), a main battery voltage sensor, and a +5 volt BEC.

The 6 wire connector has 2 ground wires, a +5 volt wire, a battery voltage wire, and a current wire.

If you do not connect anything to the output XT-60 connector the flight controller will not have any current flow data because NO current is flowing through the shunt resistor.

If you do not connect the 6 wire cable to the flight controller, the flight controller will not have power, it will not have battery voltage data, and it will not have current flow data…

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