APM Planner2 on Lubuntu 14.04 on EEEPC901 (1024x768 screen)

Lubuntu 14.04 installed on Eeepc 901. Installed without any problems.
But found multiple problems related to small screen resolution 1024x768
Even when program window is undecorated (window bar is switched off)

  1. Extended parameters screen not fit by height… no scrollbar…no way to access the bottom of page.
    (buttons not accessible)
  2. On Flight data screen Info widget takes almost 80% of vertical space and can’t be resized in height
    thus no way to give enough room for horizon widget. Which is totally squashed…
  3. InfoWidget add/remove parameters dialog has no scrollbars… list of parameters fits only half of it’s height so some parameters is out of screen and can’t be added or removed.
    But even after removing ones I can access still InfoWidget vertical size can not be reduced … and no way to free space for horizon widget. ( min size is limited by actions tab? )

One more problem I noticed on extended parameters screen.
After reading APM parameters PID values for roll all are zeroes. While other parameters (PIDs for pitch and yaw e/t/c) all read ok… Checked several times. In MissionPlanner this parameters loads OK from APM board. Some additional info , not sure it’s important, params was set in FC with Mission Planner and “Lock roll/pitch” checkbox was checked… In APM planner when read ROLL values are empty, and Lock roll/pitch is NOT checked. ( Flight controller is APM2.6 )

All this problems unfortunately makes using APM Planner impossible on so small screen…

Native screen resolution of eeePC 901 is 1024x600
Sorry for my mistake,
PS. do not found way to edit original post.

Which version of APM Planner 2.0 are you using? I don’t seem to have the issues with Extended Tuning and roll/pitch being read correctly.

As for small screen support of 1024x600, that needs some work to get right. Really 1366 by 768 was the minimum we designed to currently. The main issue is that the Info Widget doesn’t compress well.

  1. Two problems with extended params.
    First zero values on ROLL PIDS (and only on ROLL)
    APM Planner 2.0 for linux debian latest version downloaded yesterday via latest build link.
    OS details : Lubuntu 14.04 (i386) up to date fresh reinstalled and updated.
    Computer: EeePC 901 Intel Atom N470, 1GB RAM.
    FlightController board : APM 2.6
    FlightController Firmware version: 3.2
    Guess this someway may be related to “Lock roll/pitch” checkbox ?

Second extended params height just a bit more then fit the screen. And buttons below not fit…
Scrolling will be perfect solution in this case.

  1. Size problems not only with info widget…
    Map widget also do not compress in width, I think due to bottom buttons panel width limits. Thus I can’t move InfoWidget docking to right or left…

  2. Add/Remove context menu for InfoWidget shows list which fit in height only half of it length or even less…No scrollbars to access list items below the screen edge.

Installed is : APM Planner 2.0 Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahir) i386 - 2.0.18