APM Planner waypoints adding

Hello to everyone,

Currently am working on some project with APM Planner and Linux, and I would like to add some waypoints for my mission. I know that there is a way to add a waypoint directly through AMP Planner, but I would like to know where those waypoints are stored. I think they are in some of these files named waypoint, list etc.


But I would like to know how exactly they are added and how. If anyone know the answer on this question I would be very grateful to him.

Thanks in advance.

I just double click on the map in Flight Plan tab to place waypoints.

Click on the “Save WPs” button to save them to file.

Load them from file with the “Load WPs” button.

Edit them in the list that is at the bottom of the window.

All explained in detail here

Thank you on your replay. I am very grateful to you. But, maybe I was not clear about what I am trying to accomplish. I know for that way of adding waypoints. But I am trying to add it trough cc file which can be found on github repository. I would like somehow to generate those points trough file not to add them double clicking the mouse.

If you can answer me this I would be very grateful.

You could generate a waypoint file and load it with APM Planner - the format isn’t that complicated I think.

Thank you on replay.

What exactly do you mean. Would that file be in cc format. And would it contain only waypoint parameters or a whole code.

Just go into Mission Planner, create a waypoint file with the commands in it you want, save it to a file, open the file in a text editor.

There you will see the format and structure.

Thank you on your replay.

Maybe I was not clear what I want. I know the format of that file. But I am not trying to accomplish that.

I will try to explain to explain it. I am trying to generate waypoints trough AMP waypoint C++ files. I know that there is a way to add a waypoint by mouse double clicking on the map, and that we can save that waypoint in the text file. After saving that text file we can load it back in new mission. What I am trying to do is to add 2 point in thet way and to generate others through code. For example if I put one waypoint which is a home position and the other is position where I want my rover to go, I want to other 5 be generated by some rules between those two. I found that in file WaypointList.cc the waypoints are added through code in some list, and that they are added when we double click on mouse. I would like to change that code, that after I add one and the other waypoint, another 5 are generated by code and that they appear on the screen.

I hope that I have explain it a little bit better.

Did you find the corresponding for to know where the waypoints are getting stored?

I need the same for a similar application.