APM Planner RC5 Windows 8.1 autostart

Good day, creating my ground station(thin mini-itx mobo, LVDS connected monitor and etc), and stumbled upon a problem - no matter what i try, for some reason the APM Planner does not start automatically, steps to reproduce:

  1. Turn off UAC(to stop the warning message when launching APM Planner)
  2. Place shortcut to “shell:common startup”
  3. Make autologin to desktop(Win 8.1 x64) and direct login(no prompt for username and password)

Unfortunately - the logs are scarse(Event viewer logs) and no event of the software startup exists. Am i correctly assumin the APM Planner is logging events in Windows Event Log, and are logging them at “Application” logs? If not - how do i track the logs?

P.S. For making sure that i am thorough - i have placed several(three different) shortcuts to various programs to shell:common startup folder, and upon restart they all start automatically no problem.

As, after numerous attempts, the APM Planner is not being started, i’ve decided to go via another route - add a sheduled task to execute the software after windows startup. And than i’ve encountered an error(see the attached file), that is really strange, as if i am starting it manually - no such error exists.

P.S. This “PC” is purely for ground-station use - i can go through the hassle of re-installing the OS from scratch if that is needed to test this.

Make sure you set the startup folder for the shortcut to the installation folder, otherwise it will not be able to find its own files.

All APMPlanner2 logs are in c:\users<yourusername>\apmplanner2