APM Planner RC3 does not save file location parameter change

This is APM Planner RC3 on Mac.

I want to put my APM Planner config files in my DropBox path so I can share between my desktop and laptop.

Changing the root directory (“App Data”), and the other three directories does not “stick” across closing and relaunching the application.

The parameter “NSNavLastRootDirectory” in the preference file com.diydrones.apmplanner2.plist does reflect the change.

I examined both the parameter file (apm.pdef.xml) and the preference file (com.diydrones.apmplanner2.plist) and can’t find where these parameters might be stored.

Is there some action I’m missing to save these out? (I am new to APM Planner!)


Posted as issue #219.

FYI this is solved as of RC5.