APM Planner on RPi does not go full screen

Hi guys, I have APM running fine and dandy on the Pi, and it’s all very nicely installed into pelican case type ground station with a 7 inch touch screen which works like a charm. However the problem I’m snow having is that the APM window overshoots the screen edge and I can’t seem to drag the corners to resize it to fi the screen or scroll to view the whole window. How can I fix this? Cheers.

Use the full screen menu option or the maximize window button

I tried that, and it still over shoots the edges of the screen… I’m wondering if It’s an overscan issue?

Take a screen shot and we can comment. If you use software to grab the screen shot it will be obvious.

Ps what resolution is the display?

Have you tried to uncomment this line in your /boot/config.txt file:

Make sure you reboot.

Hi guys, sorry for the delayed reply. I have this little mini me who doesn’t seem to like sleep much [emoji5]️ as requested, here are the screenshots, I tried un commenting that line with no luck. As you can see the APM window overshoots the screen. I can move the APM window horizontally to see the other edge but I can’t move it any further up to see the bottom edge of the window and I can’t resize the window any smaller to get it to fit to the screen. The screen is a 7 inch 800x480 adafruit touchscreen.

I think Bill mentioned in another thread that the min resolution was 1024x768.

Bill, is that correct?

[quote=“carpy”]I think Bill mentioned in another thread that the min resolution was 1024x768.

Bill, is that correct?[/quote]

hmmm…I already ordered my official Pi 7" touchscreen and a new pi2. The specs are RGB 800×480 display…I’m going to be so disappointed if I can’t get APM running at that resolution :frowning:

I’m interested to hear from Bill as well LOL

Gutted man, Is there anyway this might be able to be reviewed in a future release?

You would use less screen real-estate if you selected Outdoor, or Indoor themes, using the native themes the UI controls are much bigger.

We designed to 1024x600 as the minimum (to some degree, I’m sure there are issues that small)

If there are some screens that you want to use in the field, we can have a look at some quick fixes (i.e… make them scroll horizontal and vertical) The main problem with the Flight Data view is the Info View. AP2 needs quite a bit of work to make in fit the smaller screens less than1024x600. Sorry.

That’s Really good info with regard to the indoor or outdoor themes as opposed to the native theme, I’ll give that a try. I’m using the 7 inch touch screen by adafruit , a scroll option would be awesome. As mentioned earlier I have absolutely no knowledge when it comes to writing code so forgive me if I’m a little naive, but the work that has been done so far, even just getting it to run on something like the RPI is amazing, and very much appreciated. Thanks.

Just for those interested, this is very close to being the finished ground station I’ve been working on. The umbillical will go out to the pan and tilt arrangement and 2.4 receiver which I’m waiting for parts from servo city to arrive so I can complete it. The Spironet antenna is a 5.8 relay so I can wirelessly view through my goggles. The RPI of course drives the touch screen on the bottom running APM planner, mainly for tuning purposes at this stage but will eventually be used for mission planning. The patch mounts at the bottom are so I still have access to the remaining USB and Ethernet port on the Pi.