APM Planner on Mac

I have APM planner 2.0.18 installed on my Macbook. I can connect my mini apm for only 1 sec and it disconnect.
I can connect my APM with the windows version using Parallels Desktop but I would prefer using directly on IOS.
Does anyone ever had this issue ?

Try using beta release 2.0.19-rc3, which can be downloaded by enabling the beta check in the APM Planner 2.0 Config view

It’s far better. Thank you

Not so good in fact.

I can now connect the APM to my macbook and the parameters are loading.
All the parameters seems to be accessible except the radio calibration. Nothing moves when I move the sticks.
I came back to the windows version and then the calibration is ok (but I still dont have the advanced parameters on windows :imp: :imp: )
The setup is possible partially on windows (Parallels) and partially on IOS :confused:

I’ve tested with APM2.6 with AC3.2.1 and it works. This is with Mac OSX 10.11 Not sure what your issue is. Maybe you are only powering with the USB port? have you tried with external power and using a radio link?
The full parameter list can be viewed when you select ‘Advanced Mode’ option from the File Menu