APM Planner on Mac and Auto Mission feature


is there any roadmap to implement the auto mission options in APM Planner?

These features - that are present in Mission Planner on Windows OS - are a huge lack.

Thanks for any info.

I believe you are talking about this enhancement request?

Yes, actually to all the auto mission options that we can find in the Windows OS version.

Why it’s not also in the Mac OS version?

It’s not in any version of APM Planner 2. Hopefully, a dev can pick it up someday and work on it. Any chance you can code or know someone who can? :slight_smile:

It seems that no Mac developer cares about implementing this very important feature.

It’s not about if a developer cares, I’d would be happy to add the feature. The problem is about available time to implement a feature. A lot of development has been done by donated time, or by direct funding paying for developers time. The later source of funding has been dramatically reduced for the project over the last year.

If the feature is ‘very important’ for what you need, feel free to contact me directly and we can discuss how to add this feature to the software.

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