APM Planner download sites

Dear people:
I got apm_planner_2.0.23_debian_strech.deb for a netbook 32 bits, and it works fine except for joystick support; it crashes.
For my 64 bits Ubuntu desktop I got version 2.0.25 from somewhere, some dropbox link on a blog, it works fine with joystick too.
Looking around there are some Raspberry versions.
My question is where to get the debian package for 32 bits, version 2.0.25, and in general, where is the central repository (if exits), as it seems there several places where to get the versions.

This is the official location for APM Planner 2 downloads:

I have to admit, we have been a little hit or miss with our releases. We are working on it and it should get better in the near future.

Thanks! Now, I have the official repo link. There is any roadmap to get the 2.0.25 in 32 bits debian? Should I wait or ask for?
Thanks again.

What release of Debian?

It should be apm_planner_2.0.25_debian_strech.deb
Thanks for your answers!

Sorry, I mean a debian package. I will use xubuntu (32 bits) in my notebook.