APM Planner + ArduCorpter synced


I`m facing some problems to see arducopter running with APM planner. We are running all code over ubuntu 13.10.

Looking in several tutorial, they said:

  • Checkout the ardupilot code and install some pre requisites - DONE

  • Installed the APM planner 2.0 - DONE

  • Executed the “./Tools/autotest/sim_arducopter_randy.sh” to start the arducopter board simulator.

  • Executed the APL planner. In this part we can see the board controller connected with APL planner.

  • I sent some WAY POINT to board controller simulated(Using APM PLANNER), they are received(we can see the command sent by command line). The problem is WE CAN NOT SEE the drone moving based on the new WPs. The drone do nothing.

Am I missing something? So far, I dont have any hardware, I`m testing first to see how works and then buy it.

I`m blocked on that, I can not find more information related with simulated environment without HARDWARE.

Thanks a lot,

auto missions do not start until you raise the throttle on the RC control. You can simulate this in MAVProxy by entering ‘RC 3 1500’

The sequence to take off is :-
arm throttle

  • wait for ARM message to be returned
    rc 3 1500
  • AC will take off
  • will hold at the obtained height

If you don’t take off you can type
rc 3 1000
and do the above arming sequence

Hi billbonney,

I tried the commands that you said and I was not able to move the copter.

Any idea? I attached the screen with logs.

The “PreArm: RC not calibrated” message is the giveaway.

Go and turn Arming checks off. see copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/prearm_safety_check/

Hope that helps :slight_smile: