APM planner and 915mhz telemetry MAC OSX

Hi all,

I finally managed to flash my APM 2.8, now i move onto calibration. I don’t have a USB cable long enough so thought i would perform the calibration using the Telemetry units. I can talk to the APM ok with a direct serial cable using the only serial port available USBMODEM631 at 115200 baud. I thought the telemetry units would be just a radio replacement for the usb cable. In APM planner if i select the same serial port and set baud at 57600 it just says unable to open file etc. the Radios are paired ok with a solid green LED on both and a flash red every now and then on the quadcopter unit. Do i need another FTDI driver for the telemetry unit on the MAC ?.


ok i searched the forum, and found an old article about different Telemetry chips i.e. most likely my telemetry unit is not an FTDI chip but a Silabs chip. I downloaded the MAC driver and all is good now. amazing what you can find if you search.