APM Planner 2 v2.0.25 for Ubuntu MATE Raspberry Pi 2/3

Latest and greatest (Build 2.0.25-23-g9910ae2e7-DEV)

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Nice, do you have build instructions anywhere for this?


For those of us who have not done this before could you post some instructions and pics? Are you using a touch screen and how does it work? How is the UI performance?


It’s been awhile since I setup the Pi to compile APM Planner 2, but if I remember correctly it doesn’t require anything different from the Linux instructions.

No touch screen (IMHO APM Planner 2 doesn’t lend well for a touch screen) although it should work OK.
Performance is good–I took a video so you can get the feel for performance on the Pi3.

I tried compiling qgroundcontrol and apm_planner2 recently on the raspberry and gave up at the first hurdle, which was getting the necessary QT stuff compiled. It’s a massive ugly dependency, and somewhat proprietary - you have to download stuff from the QT site to compile.

Right–only if you use Debian, use Ubuntu desktop instead.

Thanks for that. Appreciate it.