APM Planner 2 Uninstall

I can not uninstall the APM planner 2. I did follow the uninstallation from the control panel and uninstalled but the program still there although I can not see it again by control panel. I had problem installing it as a message coming up Open SSL which I tried to download but still the same message appeared so i decided to forget about APM planner but now I am stuck with it ! :slight_smile: how can I delete the program?


Go to the Windows Programs(x86) Folder and select the APM Planner Folder. Below the APM Planner exe. application is the uninstaller tool. Use it to uninstall APM Planner.

avionics: What files are still there? The uninstaller should remove all files, if it is leaving some behind I would be interested to find out which ones.

Also, the SSL error is not actually an error, and can be ignored. Iā€™m looking into ways to get rid of that error.

I am sure you have figured this out by now but just in case and for future reference for others - i had the exact issue and restarting my comp solved it.