APM Planner 2 Range

I assume this Planner 2 software transfers the data to the Quad Copter so it will fly preset GPS waypoints? Can anyone tell me the range away from transmitter this will work? I need to fly out 1klm, left 500mtrs then back 1klm. Can this software do this? Sorry if this seems a stupid question, but I am new to this stuff.


The range is not a function of the software, but the radios you are using.

After you have loaded the mission, contact with the planner is not required

The waypoints are stored in the autopilot. You can start the copter manually and then enter auto mode, in which the copter will navigate autonoumsly alonge the stored waypoints.

Waypoint data cannot be transfered over the RC channel, you need an USB connection or a telemetry module for this, e.g. 3DR radio (copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/3dradio/). Using telemetry you can also define new waypoints on the fly.

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