APM Planner 2 and Loiter/Loiter Radius

Hi all,
Having issues getting Loiter with a Radius to work.
I create a waypoint, set the radius to say 18metres. I can see it expand on the flight plan as I increase the radius.
When I write it to the Quad, the waypoint wiht the loiter give the lat/lon, altitude, loiter time of 60 second and Radius of 0.
When it flys the mission it goes to the point and just rotates around then moves on…

Ideas? thoughts? I need this to work as I want to use it for wedding photography when it encircles a subject at a given point…

Are you following the instructions as posted here?

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/missio … iter_turns

Yeah as far as its similar. Im using APM Planner and it only has lat long altitude turns and radius. the documentation has also Dir for CCW or CW, this doesnt exist on either APM planner or mission planner by the look.

I have attache screen shots of what goes in and what comes out.

You need to set CIRCLE_RADIUS in the full parameter list for the radius. See link above I posted.

The rad value is for the target radius of the WP to signify it’s reached. It’s not used in APM as its a global set param.

Thanks so much, is the value in cm or metres there?

Ok, still stumped with this, Loiter_turns set as a waypoint, Circle_radius set to 4000. the drone flies to the waypoint and sets there.
Any other thoughts as I have tried this with mission planner and apm planner 2, both do the same.

Ok, I’ll check this in the morning on the simulator