APM PLANNER 2.0 no uncertainty radius or yaw angle

Hi again,

I can’t figure this out. I can plan a simple mission and put a uncertainty radius of 5 and a yaw angle of 90 on a waypoint. I then press the set button and change tabs to the onboard way points, press the “refresh” button, and I can see there is no yaw or radius in the text line. when I pull it back into the editor using the “get” button, the radius and yaw angle are zero.

also it says “rotary wing only” when I hover the cursor over the yaw angel box. I was working fine just a couple of days ago. I have re-loaded the IrIs parameters and it is set to V-style and went through the required setup again.

this happens on both PC and Mac.

I am setting up a traditional heli with a Pixhawk and I am using the same computers for the setup. Is it OK to use the same computer with multiple PixHawk controllers??

or is that a no-no.

thanks for your time


checked my other machine with a PikHawk same thing usning APM 2.0, Radius is set in the parameters but I still can’t change the radius on the waypoint or change the headding,

loaded Mission Planner and all works fine, so I guess it is not the firmware.

I guess no more APM planner 2.0 for me.