APM Planner 2.0 Mac usb issue

I am new to APM, and just installed APM Planner 2.0.17 for the Mac (OS 10.10.3). I can flash to my pixhawk PX4. So, APM Planner does see it, identify it, and seems to correctly flash. But, if I hit connect, I don’t see any data at all. And, I can’t see the hardware setup in Initial setup. I assume that is because it is not really connecting to the PX4.
I tried it first without the FTDI drivers installed. Then, I tried installing them. I even uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled. But, nothing shows up.
Any suggestions? This is a new PX4, and it does show lights and such, so I assume that it is working, but I can’t seem to see it with my Mac, to configure it.
Any suggestions or guidance? It looks like some others in this forum have had similar problems, so I thought there may be some ideas.


I found a Windows machine that I could install APM Planner on. And, I am seeing exactly the same results on that.
So, it is not actually a Mac related problem, but I am still looking for guidance or pointers to get it working.
On either machine I can flash the PixHawk. But, I can’t seem to get any data back from it at all. If I connect I then see nothing coming from it. I have also tried to use 3DR radios and those both go green, indicating that they have locked to each other, but if I connect one to a computer then APM Planner doesn’t see any data there either.
Any suggestions for what could be wrong with the PixHawk, or how to go about figuring it out?

Thanks much.

Do you have an SD card in? What sounds is it making?

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I am seeing this communications issue as well.
2 laptops, Mac OS 10.10.3 & 10.6.8
APM 2.6 in 2 different quads
Different cables
Can install firmware without an issue
Connect via USB and the link works sometimes, fails loading parameters sometimes, connects and drops the link sometimes.
Tried rebooting, restarting APM Planner, and just reconnecting.
Made no difference to the flakey connection.
Latest stable APM Planner

It was indeed the Drivers.
Updated the OS10.10 machine with the appropriate drivers after following the removal instructions, and now it works well, while in the foreground.
If it is in the background it loses comms for 10 sec at random intervals.
No big deal, as it always reconnects OK.
Re-did the drivers on the OS 10.6 machine and it is now behaving itself.
Not sure why that happened as it had been working in the past.
But all good now