APM Planner 2.0.23-rc3 Extended Tuning Values not Populating

On the Extended Tuning page the Stabilize and Rate values for all 3 axis are not populating from the full parameter list. Even after Refresh Params the values remain at zero. Same result if connected via USB or radio. This was a Xenial 64 bit installation.

What version of AC are you using? You need to set AP2 Config, use compatibility mode for AC3.3 params and not for AC3.4. You will need to restart APM Planner 2.0 to get that to take.

It’s fixed in master to be automatic so you could just try this one for OSX or build it yourself from the code


Using V3.3.3 and the compatibility mode didn’t solve it. Just wanted to make sure you guys were aware. I use the Full Parameter list any way so I’ll just wait for rc4.

I looked at the code and putting in compatibility mode should work for 2.0.23-rc3. Try restarting AP2 after you set the compact mode to be enabled.

Also post the version as listed by selecting About menu (just in case the build doesn’t have the change I will be able to verify from the long version.)

Also if you can test a later build (building yourself, it easy) that would be ideal. (sorry we don;t have auto daily build for linux at the moment)