APM Planner 2.0.23-rc3: Download Log Retransmitting

I’m recently a Linux convert so still a beginner using APM Planner as GCS. While downloading a log file it’s extremely slow and mostly sits at “Retransmitting”. This happens via USB @ 115200 and Radio/MavLink 57600.

This issue was also brought up here in another thread more than a year ago without any resolution:

2 Questions:

  1. Are APM Planner users going to something else to download their logs?

  2. I removed the Micro SD, connect it directly to my PC and copy the .bin over. Then using APM Planner > Graphs > Open Log the file loads to 99% then throws an warning:
    Log parsing ended with errors. The data was truncated! Detected: 3414 data corruptions.” Whats going on?

Thanks guys.

What version of ArduPilot are you using, post the downloaded.bin

As for the download speed issue, I’ll check on linux, I would recommend not using the 3DR radio at all, it’s too slow.

The other option is to use a ESP8266 and WiFi connection to the pixhawk. Much faster and hands free

V3.3.3. No need to bother with my .bin, see below.

Slow sp was with USB, gave up on MAVlink a while back.

Didn’t know about the ESP8266 option. It’ll be here Tuesday. I’ll definitely be sure to disconnect before flight. Thanks.

I have not had this problem on USB with AC3.2.1 with APM Planner2 on either 32-bit or 64-bit Xenial. I have downloaded logs off the aircraft with the telemetry radios too without fail, but it takes awhile.

Frankly, I only delete the logs on the flight controller most times and never bother looking at them. They’re handy to diagnose a problem. But the tlogs are the ones I usually play back to look at a flight and how it went.

Since this is definitely not an issue here I’d suspect a possible USB configuration problem more than a problem in the software. I have seen the log parsing error thing, but I ignore that and they seem to load fine anyway.

Why when I copy the SD card directly connected to the PC with a USB Micro SD reader will APM Planner not open the .bin file? Is there something else being done during the download process?

Ok, but you realize that’s unhelpful. Being able to reproduce from your data file makes it quicker and easier diagnose. A quick download and I can verify what you are seeing. You can always send me a PM with link if you want it kept private.

Now i need to find a a bin log with the version firmware etc… you will have to be patient.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I was unsure I would be able to successfully download a log. I started a USB download from my last fight earlier today. The download started 5 hours ago and it’s currently at 65%. When I wake in 8 or so hours I’ll send it. I’d still like to know how they are read or why they can’t be direct copied. If it fails I’ll have the Wifi tomorrow.