APM planner 2.0.23/4 PIX craft firmware error

I am having problem installing craft firmware through both APM planner 2.0.23 and 2.0.24.
I have using 3DR pixhawk, and I wanted to install multirotor Hexa, but the link seems to be broken.
How and where can I download the firmware, so that I can use the custom feature to flash in the firmware into the Pixhawk?
Thank you.


First of all you should check if you could use one of the releases which can be found here: http://firmware.ardupilot.org/Tools/APMPlanner/beta/ as there are several bug fixes in the newer versions.
All firmwares can be found here: http://firmware.ardupilot.org/
If you are able to build the apmPlanner by yourself you should use the current master from here: https://github.com/ArduPilot/apm_planner as there were some fixes for downloading and installing new firmware.

Hi Arne,
Thanks for responding. I may not have been clear on my previous mail.
I had use APM planner 2.0.23 to install firmware onto the 3DR Pixhawk before. I didn’t have any problem before. But recently, I tried to install a firmware into a new Pixhawk, and it prompted an error, so I upgraded to 2.0.24. When I look detail onto it, the error refer to a location http://firmware.ardupilot.org/Copter/stable/PX4/PX4-hexa. Using the browser, points me to a invalid path (I refer it as link broken, anyway all the multirotor icons on the stable installation menu were" ???").
Wasn’t adventurous enough to try beta. And I am not aware about changes, until I tried all the ArduCopter-v*.px4, till one works.
I will take a look into the apm_planner at github, once I get to compile the firmware from source.

The download urls changed. So the latest beta release fixes that. We should really make it the official release 2.0.26 and avoid the confusion

Hi Bill,
Thanks for replying.
If there are changes in the urls for the new version, the older versions still points to the “predesignated urls” which will prompt an error, making the user “forced to change”. Which I did and upgrade from 2.0.23 to 2.0.24 and it still didn’t work! I didn’t know that I had to upgrade to a beta version till Arne highlighted to me.