APM Planner 2.0.15-rc5-11 daily crashing

opps… might have spoke too soon. 2.0.15 rc5 -11

it hangs on start up.

Darn, and the downloaded image works for me :frowning: … Can you post the crash log and the system you are running on?

[I’ve split the post so we can track this as a different issue as it could be for any number of commits]

I’ll work on posting that asap. It’s odd all versions have always been so stable. I restarted my Mac and it worked but on subsequent amp p launches it hangs.

Running OS 10.10

Hey Bill I think I have it solved. 10.10 was whining about it not being from the app store [ omg is apple turning into pc?! ] once I turned that off AND told it not to remind me each time it seems to launch fine. The AND part was important it was hanging on subsequent starts but not after I told it not to remind me [ the dialog box that pops up on start ] . So unless there is some other underlying issue your fix does seem to have worked :smiley:

oh one more thing I could not seem to get that crash report… sometimes it pops up sometimes it doesn’t. Not sure if there is a way to go back and get it? I know that’s a Mac question not amp sorry :wink:

The easiest way to get crash reports is to use the console app. you can select the crash reports on the left hand side. See attached pics