APM:Plane Airframes


I have been flying a Bixler airframe over the last year to much success. I’ve really enjoyed it, until the elevator and aileron detached slightly and I loss control last week. I can confirm that after a very vertical hit into the ground it didn’t look very good afterwards.

Anyway, I was looking for suggestions of peoples favourite APM:Plane airframes. Personally, I’m looking for something a bit slower flying and high wing for good stable slow flight, but all suggestions (+pictures) and why appreciated.

Thanks, and don’t forget to state the whys for your paticular choice.

I can’t fault the Super Sky Surfer. Just a huge Bixler don’t fly it too fast though.

That new version from HK the Sky Eye might also be good it seems to have much more room and would be slightly less short coupled than the 2.4m SSS

hobbyking.com/hobbyking/stor … PNF.html

Not really seen enough reviews of that one yet.

Actually I can fault the SSS you can’t get rid of the stickers easily. I am over advertising other folks companies.

Ok, big and slow, good wind handling. There was a model plane designed by a free-flight master, Omar Grassetti, who designed this to be a small rc diesel-powered intended for flying on high winds. And his design actually performs well, although it is small and light. The name is Quebra-vento, that means literally wind-breaker, in portuguese. I never made that model, but made a big version of it to test fly APM with a camera. The wing is slightly different, mainly the wing section is a MH-32 instead of the original one, and I changed the rudder a little to help se servo handle a big surface. The idea was to handle wind (where I live almost everyday is windy), carry some weight, be easy and forgiving to fly and be visible even when flying far. After many flights I can say it is all the above. Even flying 200m AGL it is easy to see it. 2m (78") wings. As it was to be a plane to test APM, I made it out of foam, not wood, so a crash wouldn’t be expensive neither hard to repair.

For calm weather autopilot flying I can`t fault my X8. Stable, huge range potential, bags of space to mount equipment far away from each other so they do not conflict