APM Plane 3.5.3 desired pitch and roll flatline, planes crashes


APM 3.5.3
Flying Wing

The plane was flying great in Auto mode, then took a dive when switched to RTL. Any help with the log appreciated. Thanks!

Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/13z1lweuq9cw2s4/28.log?dl=0

Here’s another take on it, a bit more complicated:

CTUN.ThrOut (the red line) is supposed to represent “final throttle output”. Did you cut throttle yourself in FBWA just before crashing?

You are at max throttle (or very nearly) after entering FBWA at 80. What’s the aircraft? Is it heavy/overloaded?

Sorry I don’t have more for you. I’m still trying to learn to read these myself, and diagnosing a very similar looking crash.

Hey Stew,

Thanks for the response. It was a customer’s plane. UAV Mapper, 48" flying wing. No camera at the time, so it wasn’t really loaded. Throttle PWM was around 1750 (full throttle) towards the end of the flight, then 1100 (throttle off) toward the very end.